Even before it became officially so in the United States, April has long been the poet’s month. “April” (or “Aprill”) is the third word of one of the first great poems in the English language, The Canterbury Tales, and the first word in The Waste Land, which does its best to feel like the last great English poem. April — “spungy,” “proud-pied,” and “well-apparel’d” April — is also the most-mentioned month in Shakespeare, along with its springtime neighbor May, and it has given a poetic subject to Dickinson, Larkin, Plath, Glück, and countless others. Why? Do we like its promise of rebirth, its green and messy fecundity? Its hopefulness is easy to celebrate — and easy to cruelly undercut, if you’re T.S. Eliot rooting his lilies in the wasteland of death.

Tom Nissley, “April Books: A Reading List for Rebirth and Taxes” (via millionsmillions)

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Harvard discovers three of its library books are bound in human flesh ›

definitely want my flesh to be used to bind books upon my death. 

winged eyeliner and red lipstick and doc martens and shaved head and i swear i’m regressing. i’m 22 and i’m slowly starting to dress exactly the way i did when i was 15. BIKER BOOTS AND BLACK AND CROP TOPS OH MY.

flatmate1: [pointing at the spider i’d trapped under a cup] i’m going to take him to my room where he’ll be comfortable

flatmate2: or… outside?

flatmate1: oh yeah! … i’ll put him on my windowsill.

i am so full of loathing

i need to get out of here but i need to stay away from home

why is there so much hatred in my soul

when did i become this bitter twisted cruel vengeful person

is it possible to be socially sadomasochistic

i need to drink more herbal tea 

maybe do yoga

take up meditation


can’t remember the last time i was:

  • happy
  • relaxed
  • not riddled with guilt
  • sure about anything
  • not anxious
  • not overwhelmed
  • not ambivalent about anything but the guilt/anxiety/overwhelming feelings of failure and futility

I’m done. I need a break. I need a holiday. I need a week of not being anywhere. Or a weekend. One day. I want togo away and turn my phone off and ignore my emails and sleep in a field and not wear shoes and have a long bath and make myself an amazing dinner and go for long walks and get really drunk and not worry about waking up the next day. I want to dance all night and swim in the sea and just spend some time being a person instead of an employee/student/intern. Please god I need to sleep for 8 hours and go to the gym and have three square meals and wash my clothes and clean my room and finish my ma applications.

After four years of wanting an undercut….

i never thought my undergraduate dissertation abstract would involve the tamar

In viewing texts published between 1873 and 1903, encompassing the end of the nineteenth-century’s mass-movement across Cornwall’s borders, I propose that the perceived nature of boundaries and borders was necessarily radically altered, and birthed anxieties over its impact upon Cornish identity. In analysing the use of travel in Bram Stoker’s Jewel of the Seven Stars, Thomas Hardy’s A Pair of Blue Eyes, and Sabine Baring-Gould’s In the Roar of the Sea, in conjunction with travelogues of the period, I will explore the relationship between the increased ability to transgress geographical borders and the antiquarian quest to preserve Cornish identity. Consequently, in perverting the travelogue and rendering it monstrous – Stoker in the mad scientist’s dash to the coastal mansion, Hardy in the spectre in the carriage, and Baring-Gould’s use of wrecking and smuggling – texts employing Cornish landscapes represent anxieties over emigration, immigration, and their threat to heritage and history.





i was never and will never be prepared for this

i can’t tell whose legs are whose and that’s ok

your inability to recognise my bb adam lambert’s legs renders you not my sister

Ok, upon closer examination, I now realise chris colfer’s foot is in adam’s groin and that’s ok too

okay so i just watched the video and here is a list of things i can’t cope with:

  • my baby looks so fresh faced omfg where is my glittery filthy angel
  • poor blaine this shit is destiny
  • this show would be 99% better if adam lambert played all the characters



i was never and will never be prepared for this

i can’t tell whose legs are whose and that’s ok

your inability to recognise my bb adam lambert’s legs renders you not my sister


campaign posters hollaaa

so proud of my boo! victory will be delicious on friday, DELICIOUS


Goni Montes

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why have i done this to myself again