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Ugh my feelings about Caitlin Moran have taken a pretty major U-turn in the last few days. Rape jokes, derailing and sarcastic responses to people being distressed by said rape jokes, and now joking about ‘women who don’t menstruate’. PLEASE. You are a major public figure. This is horrendous.

The whole debacle is thoroughly depressing.

I am so fucking relieved people are finally wising up to Caitlin Moran. The fact that so many young women laud ‘How to be a Woman’ as the feminist gospel despite her transphobia, constant slut-shaming and horrific criticism of the sex-industry absolutely terrifies me. She’s from the Germaine Greer school of archaic, cissexist nonsense that reveals how the current feminist discourse erases entire communities of women.

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    No, it’s still terrible. She’s implying he’s a rapist. She’s also putting rape into a situation that has nothing to do...
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    Well that’s incredibly disappointing. It’s such a shame when famous people who speak about feminism set such a bad...
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    She was talking to a man and joking about the excuses MEN come up with to justify their violence towards women. “It’s a...
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    Ugh, no, Caitlin, don’t do that. I love you.
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    Maybe it’s because it’s far past midnight and had a terrible day, but I’m seriously upset by this. Who can I still trust...
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    no no no no no no no no no this isn’t happening nO
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    i don’t even understand the first tweet idc about the rape jokes but is she supposed to be funny
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    It’s frustrates me that the only “acceptable” form of feminism is her transphobic bullshit. I’ve said in the past I...
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    Yup. Glad to see other people agreeing. I haven’t really ever wanted her brand of feminism anyway, but it’s so...
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    Whoa there.I wouldn’t say I’ve took a “U-turn”,but damn.I’m really disappointed by her.She can be as sassy as she wants...
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    Oh gross gross gross gross. I mean I already knew she is a really shitty fauxminist, but at least i used to like her...
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    I’m generally wary of well-known white Feminists who have written ~amazing~ lauded books but it’s always nice to have...
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    This is unfortunately what I noticed while reading the book… She made one reference to saying she didn’t agree with...