Anonymous asked: Why don't you like Caitlin Moran?

Because in her How to be a Woman she slams sex workers, accusing them of being sexist and actively participating in misogyny. She’s from the Germaine Greer school of feminism which seems to think the movement belongs solely to white, cis, middle-class, heterosexual women, making grand, sweeping, exclusive generalisations, like:

Everyone was like, ‘You’ve written a very brave book,’ ” Moran said. “But I’ve not done anything bad in that book. Every woman bleeds, every woman masturbates — I hope. One in three women will have an abortion; everyone’s had a bad boyfriend; everyone’s had some kind of fantasy relationship in their head. But if we keep these things secret and don’t talk about them publicly — then that to me looks like the behavior of oppressed people.

No, not every woman bleeds. Not every woman has a vagina. Not every woman has had a boyfriend, or has any intention to ever have one. And when picked up on it, she’s been noted to be dismissive. She’s also referred to someone casually as ‘a pre-op tranny’.

She’s either uneducated, or transphobic. She says that Greer’s views on trans issues are ‘crackers’, yet continues to refer to her, throughout her career, as ‘Goddess Greer’. I find it odd for a modern feminist to claim to be progressive while worshiping a woman who referred to trans women as 'ghastly parodies', while claiming being trans is a 'delusion'.

There’s already enough transphobia in the feminist community for a mainstream feminist to be ignorantly perpetuating it. It just baffles me how a woman so clearly educated can be so woefully misinformed on a topic supposedly so close to her heart.

Furthermore, she’s Tweeted rape jokes. Any human being who finds rape jokes amusing is automatically scum, but a woman familiar with feminism, rape culture and rape statistics who still insists on cracking the same jokes falls below even that.

Edit: In trying to find evidence to back up my undiluted venom I stumbled across a fuckyeahcaitlinmoran tumblr, and this was the first post.

Basically, Caitlin Moran is a pseudo-feminist who tells women that they can be a woman as long as they’re the sort of woman she wants them to be. As long as they don’t follow their own trajectory or do things she doesn’t believe in, she’ll respect and celebrate them. I happen to believe feminism, and the modern world, doesn’t work like that. You don’t call yourself a feminist while slamming other successful women for spending money on things you personally wouldn’t spend money on. You don’t call yourself a believer in women’s choice then attack and demonise an already oppressed and marginalised group of sex workers for exercising that choice. And you certainly don’t define femininity within narrow, barely comprehensible biological margins that exclude an entire spectrum of women. 

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