→ LUCIFER’S CAGE starring Misha Collins, Mark Pellegrino and Alona Tal (casting by beaularbear).

"A little less conversation, a little more action please. All this aggravation aint satisfactioning me. A little more bite and a little less bark, a little less fight and a little more spark, close your mouth and open up your heart and baby, satisfy me.”

The year’s 1889. ‘Black Jack’ Boone (Pellegrino) and Wyatt Carson (Collins) hold the sex industry monopoly over Louisiana with the majestic, magnificent and deeply degenerate LUCIFER’S CAGE. The Cage is the best, the biggest and the brightest brothel in North America, the Moulin Rouge of the Old West and the red, smouldering ruby set in the Bible’s belt. A saloon where men are stripped of age, rank and title and reduced to the equipment in their breeches and the cash in their pockets. The two landlords are filthy rich, obnoxiously powerful and suspiciously detached from their beautiful young charges. They claim refusing to sample their own goods is ‘business sense’, but the Cage’s regular clientele know better - and by fuck if they aint too shit scared to say it to the crazy bastards’ faces. The Cage is as legendary for its body count as its women, with most of the blood smeared across Boone’s own palms. Boone is the manic energy behind the Cage - the unpredictable, itchy bloodlust, the money and the fear. Wyatt is his calmer counterpart, the reigns around his neck, the ego to his id. Wyatt handles the business and Boone handles the chaos with an appropriately satanic relish. They’re complimentary personalities, and they treat each other with a mutual respect and a deep, fond understanding - a dynamic that’s violently ruptured by the arrival of Cora Belle (Tal), the porcelain beauty who quickly becomes the Cage’s shining star.

Despised by her fellow performers for her talent and popularity, she’s a feisty, motivated professional. She earns Wyatt’s respect with a sharp mind and a quick wit, and his affections aren’t far behind. Wyatt affords Cora her own headline show, the most ostentatious and grandiose the Cage has ever seen. The girls and clientele alike are quick to note his attentions, if only for their peculiarity, and Wyatt tumbles into a naive and unprecedented affair with his young charge right under Boone’s nose.

Boone, confused and infuriated by his own sudden envy, exacts a slow and cruel revenge, launching a vendetta against both Wyatt and his gutsy lover. Cora plays them against each other with the cold finesse of a master, efficiently disabling the Cage from within as Wyatt and Boone destroy each other and their business. Wyatt, torn between fresh, young love for Cora and his tangled, brutish relationship with Boone makes a series of foolish decisions that lead to his volatile partner attacking him on the opening night of Cora’s show. Cora performs for an enraptured crowd as Boone and Wyatt brawl in their office. Wyatt beats Boone half to death until, in a final, manic bid for some form of victory in Cora’s perverse game, Boone slits Wyatt’s throat with his own knife, killing him instantly. Boone dies slowly from his injuries beside his partner’s cooling corpse as a manipulative, successful Cora strips indulgently for her mesmerized audience.

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